I’ve been reading an awesome textbook on power-loom engineering, and it’s inspired me to try to build my own all-mechanical, jacquard-style punch card reader. I have a small 3-bit version more-or-less working, and up on thingiverse in case anyone wants Continue reading

To the sea!

A project that’s been on my ‘to-do’ list for years now is some kind of autonomous, robotic boat platform. Although I have dreams of crossing the atlantic someday, for now my sights are set on something more local. To that Continue reading

It runs!

I really wanted to get this thing up and running for the upcoming interactive art show at NYCR. Behold – the FIBIAC! I’ll do a full write-up for it soon with some more details.

More progress!

After a tedious afternoon of soldering, I have the three counters needed for this prototype mounted along with corresponding stepper motors and driver circuits. I still need to add a circuit board to the middle layer to connect the upper Continue reading