Cray-zy progress! We have a booting system!

I had gotten bogged down with the data recovery effort from my COS disk pack in the last year (and my day job building slightly more modern supercomputers got a bit busier), but an awesome programmer named Andras has picked up the torch and carried it ridiculously far!

He not only re-wrote all of my disk recovery software to overcome most of the disk corruption, he also reverse engineered the file system and wrote a simulator for an entire data center’s worth of equipment (4 CPU Cray X-MP, with 4 IO Processors, a peripheral expander, printer, wyse 50 terminals, a farm of disk drives and a real-time clock module that apparently uses the AT command set), and actually got the OS to boot! His write-up about his work is pretty awesome:, including code for his simulator.

If anyone has any software for a Cray-1 or Cray X-MP, now is the time to speak up! We’ve got a working system that can run it! Now, to just find the time to get my FPGA version up to speed so I can run this!